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CNP Namboothiripad

The Heavenly Adviser

For those who are stuck 

We provide tantric remedies for all your needs!

The remedies we offer include vedic astrology, tantric rituals such as poojas, Homam, Yanthra and other pariharas for various dieties who can help ease your worries


We provide creative solutions!

You can come to us for any and every of your problems, like Career, Education, Love, Marriage, Business, Relations, Rivalries etc. you are facing which can be remedied by our spiritual methods.

The Best in the field

We have the best thanthriks performing rituals with dedication, involvement and sanctity. They do the remedies strictly in the traditional way so as to give a guaranteed result

Thoroughly experienced

Our Thanthriks and Astrologers are experienced and are conductiong these rituals and practice for decades

Right choice expected results

When you choose us, we dedicate enough for the rituals and findings that you are sure to get the expected results.

100% on target

The rituals done by us are tested and effective over thousands of years of standing, mentioned in Puranas over 7000 years ago, refined, made suitable for needs then and needs now. 

Select What yoy Need

We come to you for your needs.

The rituals like Pooja and Homam are done at your place the sanctify your home and spirits upon your special request and decided by our team of experts, As certain rituals are to be done upon the wish of the devotees at their place. The cost of such ritual will be calculated on the distance and days needed along with the number of Tantriks who should take part in performing the ritual.

Select what you Need